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An Underwater Otter with Liz Chaderton

Join professional artist Liz Chaderton in this delightful 45 minute Arty Class where you will work wet on wet to create an underwater otter concentrating on its beauty and grace. Filmed live in England no 26th January 2021.

Watch this Arty Class:

If there is time, the suggestion of the water will be added using clingfilm or paint drops. In the process of this simple painting you will learn lots of techniques – the art of suggestion, wet on wet and adding texture, among others.

See Reference photo and recommended materials below

Reference photo – with kind thanks to Todd Stailey/ Tennessee Aquarium. They have an amazing otter-cam you can watch too!

Recommended materials list:

• A small sheet (approx A4) NOT/cold pressed paper, minimum 140lb/325gsm • Watercolour paint of your choice – Liz uses transparent grey, quinacridone gold, caput mortum, perylene violet, burnt Sienna – you can select 4/5 harmonious colours of your choice • Brush with a good point – about size 10. If you have a sword brush or long Chinese brush you might want to have a go with that • You might want cling film/saran wrap


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