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An abstract frozen pond with Howard Jones

With your host John

Join artist Howard Jones for this 1hr Art Class webinar to capture the mood and light of a frozen pond. * Details below * Broadcast live from Wales on 25 October 2022.


**Recommended materials below**


As a prelude to Howard Jones full 2-3hr Workshop event, you will learn the techniques that Howard uses to convey a small frozen pond set against a winter landscape.

In this tutorial you will learn how to plan and apply your composition. When painting winter scenes there is a real danger of them looking flat. Howard will be teaching you how to make sure that you avoid this potential pitfall by use of good composition. Howard will explain and demonstrate the importance of creating simple thumbnail sketches for a strong and dynamic composition and tonal arrangement. These qualities are essential to creating accomplished and sophisticated looking paintings’

In addition to this Howard will explain his regular methods, choice of colours, brushes and preferred materials.

Useful links:

  • Find out about the related, 2-3 Workshop event here >

  • After the live event, you can download the reference images and watch the complete, ad-free recording as an SKA Patron (level 3 and up) via our Video Library.

Ref painting

Materials Top-Up

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• PAPER: 15 x 11 inch. NOT surface. 140lb (300gsm) Any good quality cotton rag paper is ideal. Howard will be using Arches. Howard will be working in Landscape orientation (Horizontal format)

• PAINTS: (Must be Tube paints) Colours x 7 :Ultramarine Blue / Cerulean Blue / Pthalo Green (blue shade) / Burnt Sienna / Raw Umber / Alizarin Crimson / White Gouache

• BRUSHES: x 6:1 inch Flat (Synthetic & Natural blend) / Half inch Flat / Size 20 Round (or large Mop) / Old Size 7 or 8 Round / Size 5 or 6 Round with good point / Size 3 Rigger Brush (please include any personal favourites)

• OTHER: 3b Pencil / Putty Eraser / Kitchen Paper / (1”) Masking Tape / Flat water tub / Palette with large mixing area (A white enamel camping plate is ideal) / An atomizer water spray bottle / A board to tape your watercolour paper to / Plus any personal favourite items.


· Try to get an approximate 20% angle on your painting board

· Tape your paper to your board before the start

· Draw your sketch very lightly (using a 3b pencil)

· Howard will be drawing out his sketch on the day


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