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The NHS Tree of Life with Jane Betteridge

It started with a watercolour tree and grew into a collage acknowledging the amazing work of the NHS.

When you've completed your artwork, send to us at arty[at] and we'll post it below for others to admire. It will also be entered into our weekly competition to win a prize (winner to be announced next week).

Also, why not let us print your tree of life onto this amazing wooden postcard and send it to a special someone to say that you're thinking of them?

It costs only £8 to print and £1 is donated to the NHS with each sale. To create your postcard, visit this link to Jane's shop.

Art submissions from webinar attendees:

Claire Godrich

Nicola Garrett

Julie Pearce

Jean Eustace

Michelle Mould

Julie Barnett

Joy Birch

Jill Exell

Shirley Haywood

Grace Kotecha

Gerry Blofeld

Paul McGee

Austin Perry. Age 7

Elise Perry. Age 9

Vicky Bancroft

Susan Rustage

Marcel aged 5

Keeva aged 6

Tamara aged 8

Khi aged 10

Isacc aged 4

Hope aged 6

James McGuinness aged 9

Emma McGuinness

Brenda Picknell

Rishi aged 12

Sacha aged 11

Cecilia Payne

Joyce Meredith

Ayushi Mandakot, age 11

Isobel Hill

Sarah Carr


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