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About the Private Workshop 'Art Critique'

Founder of ShopKeepArty, John Harrison and artist Jane Betteridge discuss what's included in the Private Workshop 'Art Critique' upgrade.

Feedback from critiques given:

"I think it is very useful.  I have only been painting for a year and am learning on my own. The critiques are very useful to me.  I need guidance. I don't have a great level of English as I live in Milan, so I sometimes find it hard to understand what is said.  It would be nice to have English subtitles?" Marina

ShopKeepArty reply: "We're investigating introducing auto subtitles on the video critique, but currently the word accuracy is unreliable."

"I thought the critique was good. About the right amount of time spent on each painting. I definitely liked the fact that the artist did some small demos again on specific techniques. They brought up points which I had not noticed about my own painting. Seeing the critiques of other people's work was also interesting." Nina

ShopKeepArty reply: "We think that you can learn just as much from the 1hr video critiques as you can from the masterclass. They're like a mini-workshop in their own rights. Glad you enjoyed it!"

"I found the critique interesting and helpful, the demos were useful, though I was a little disappointed that it only covered the paintings of those who had upgraded for the critique. I really enjoyed the webinar and looking forward to the next one." Jill

ShopKeepArty reply: "We aim to provide video critiques that are about an hour in length and will obviously focus more on those who have paid for, and will be watching, the critique. We're glad you found it helpful since that is our ultimate objective and, if there are other paintings of note that we feel you can learn from (whether or not they have paid for the upgrade), these will be included."

"I really enjoy all of the tutorials. I found the comments in the critique helpful and will be able to make good use of her advice in the future.  It was also helpful to hear comments about other people's pictures as that too provided useful tips to look out for." Julie

ShopKeepArty reply: "We're glad you enjoyed the critique. We think it's one of the best ways to learn!"


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