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A Summer Meadow with Jane Betteridge

Join professional artist Jane Betteridge for this relaxing 45 minute Arty Class where you will create a vibrant uplifting Summer meadow scene. Filmed live from England on 2nd Feb 2021.

Watch this Arty Class:

Using watercolours in a wet-in-wet technique you will learn how to create distance using colour, brush strokes and mark making and find out which colours are friendly and unfriendly to one another.

See Reference photo and recommended materials below

Recommended materials list:

• A good quality watercolour paper, size roughly 28 x 28cms • A selection of watercolour brushes including a rigger • White acrylic ink • Colourful, vibrant watercolour paints such as:- Lunar blue Leaf green Cadmium lemon Opera rose Intense violet Phthalo blue Olive green French ultramarine



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