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A Robin Red Breast with Al Kline

Join professional artist Al Kline for this festive, 45min Arty Class painting a European Robin. This was filmed live in South Texas on 22nd December 2020.

Watch this Arty Class:

See Reference photo and recommended materials below:

An example painting (not a Robin!)

My Palette and Paint list:


2B/4B Pencil or Mechanical Pencil

.05 and .07 Fine Tip Mechanical lead Pencil

Any watercolor, acid free pen (Such as Pigma Graphic or Pentalics) No SHARPIES

Small eraser or electric eraser


SketchBook (Hand-Book Journal - 90 lb watercolor paper)*

Saunders 140lb rough

Hahnemuhle 140lb rough

Arches 140lb rough (block)

*Any sketchbook of choice will be acceptable


DaVinci small mop

Synthetic Rosemary Brushes or round brushes sizes # 8, 10,12,14

Anders Anderson Sword Brush or Vladislav Yeliseyev Signature Brushes

Small detailing brushes ( I use #8 and smaller escoda detailing brushes)

Cheap square brush


John Pike Palette*

*Any ceramic/metal palette such as Holbein is also acceptable.

Paints (Tubes only)

Daniel Smith


Winsor Newton


*I prefer Daniel Smith and Winsor Newton watercolors

My Favorite Colors in my Palette

(My 3 must colors are Yellow Ochre, Cobalt Blue and Alizarin Crimson)


Winsor Newton White Gouache

Cadmium Yellow

New Gambouge

Yellow Ochre

Gold Ochre

Quinacridone Gold


Cadmium Red (light) or

Anthraquinoid Scarlett

Alizarin Crimson


Raw Umber

Burnt Umber

Burnt Sienna

Quinacridone Burnt Orange and Burnt Scarlet

Van Dyke Brown



Cobalt Blue

Cerulean Blue

Dioxazine Violet

Royal Violet

Ultramarine Blue



Spray bottles or atomizer

Paper towel roll or toilet paper roll

Langnickel K-4 Palette Knife (or any palette knife will do)

Matte Board to mount your watercolor paper with tape

"These are just my preferred supplies. You can substitute other materials in their place. Please do not use inferior watercolor paints or papers."


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