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'A Little Bird Told Me' with Liz Chaderton

Join professional artist Liz Chaderton for this 1 hour Special Arty Class. Filmed live from England 29 April 2021.

Of course birds come from eggs, so Liz will show you how to look for the egg shapes within the bird, quickly and accurately catching the bird at rest. You will then use permanent pens to sketch the bird, and a little diluted Indian ink to add tone, before using watercolour to bring movement and life to the bird.


**See Reference and recommended materials below**

Liz will show you how the line and wash technique combines the best of both drawing and painting to develop strong and lively artwork.

You can use fineliner pens, or a dip pen and Indian ink for the line – Liz will demonstrate both. This is a prelude to the full, 'Birds of a feather flock together' workshop on the 6th May. This 1hr special is designed to get you in the mood while having lots of fun.

Painting reference:

Photo reference

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials · A4 watercolour paper, minimum 140lb/300gsm NOT surface.

· Pencil and eraser

· Permanent black fineliners (0.2 and 0.8mm) or dip pen and Indian ink

· Watercolours, medium round brush, water, kitchen towel


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