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Mary Ann

I'm a keen amateur who enjoys art experimentation

As a child I was interested in Art and did an A level but was not able to pick up the interest properly until I retired some years ago.


I originally focused on aboriginal art which I found fascinating and amazing in the story telling. I moved on to do courses on mixed media and water colours and now work mostly with acrylic and water colour.


My acrylic work is primarily abstract with a focus on landscape as I find this medium easier and quicker than oils which I have played with. I am trying to improve my water colour skills with a face to face class and with the SKA workshops.


The artists I currently watch are Lewis Noble, Louise Fletcher, David Mankin, Alice Sheriden all working with acrylic, and for water colour artists that I have followed with SKA include Alex Tolstoy, Keiko Tanabe, Robert Dutton, Vlad Yeliseyev, Michal Jasiewicz. However, I am always keen to try pretty much any of the artists suggested. Other artists I like include Edward Hopper, Marc Rothko, Picasso and so many more.


As a buddy, I would offer encouragement and support and hopefully pass on any tips and advice that I have picked up along the way. I hope that as a buddy I will help signpost you to areas of the SKA platform that most interest you and an opportunity for some supportive feedback on your art if this is something you would find helpful. And of course, make a new friend!

Buddy Feedback:

Awaiting first buddy-up feedback

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