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Attended workshops with SKA from launch

I particularly enjoy using watercolour and acrylics and like to paint mainly landscapes, floral and some contemporary work.

I am a keen amateur artist using various media but mainly watercolour, inks and acrylics. I was inspired to start painting through watching Watercolour Challenge with Hannah Gordon back in the 1990’s while on maternity leave.


Since then I attended Scuola d’Arte di Santa Fattorini for 10 years while living in Rome and learned watercolour techniques and painting with oils. On returning to the UK in 2013 I attended various painting workshops and classes. However it wasn’t until the launch of SKA in 2020, that I noticed my artwork had started to significantly improve; the online workshops have been invaluable.


Through SKA, I have had the benefit and privilege of learning from some of the best artists from around the world such as Jane Betteridge, Liz Chadderton, Keiko Tanabe, Megha Kapoor, Iris Babao-Uy, Michal Jasiewicz and Carne Griffiths to name but a few…the list is endless!


From every workshop you attend with SKA, you bring away a little piece of knowledge from the artist which will help you build up your own set of skills and style. It is very exciting to see how much you will develop as an artist!  I hope that as a buddy I will be able to help you navigate around the SKA website indicating which artists I feel would suit you best according to your preferences, and give some supportive feedback on your artwork if that is something that interests you.

Buddy Feedback:

Awaiting first buddy-up feedback

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