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Workshop: Uncovering secrets to painting flowing water

Join Sujit Sudhi for a 2hrs+ exclusive workshop webinar where he'll explore painting flowing water using watercolour. Filmed live on 15th October 2020.

Watch unlocked video here > (unlock video below)

Watercolour is a fascinating medium. It is as full of glorious uncertainties and happy accidents as much as it is laden with frustration and heartbreaks. When done right, It can intoxicate you and get you addicted to painting. Landscapes are fun to paint. It’s always a challenge to create the illusion of depth and distance on a two dimensional plane together with capturing the mood and atmosphere of the scene. There is a multitude of subjects that mother nature provides you with and water is one of them. Painting moving water is an enjoyable experience and in this session you will watch how I paint moving water using as few brushstrokes as possible.

In this workshop you’ll learn to:

• Compose a painting that involves flowing water keeping in mind design concepts that are essential to make a painting pop.

• Use the wet-on-wet techniques to render moving water and create the illusion of water gushing down.

• Plan your painting in such a way that there is enough contrast to draw the attention of the viewer to the water despite the use of minimal brushstrokes.

• Last but not least, enjoy the process and not worry about the result!

**See workshop reference pictures and recommended materials below**

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Materials required:

[These are the supplies I use but you’re welcome to use what you have]

• Paper:

- Any good quality 300 GSM Cold Press paper. (Arches, Saunders, Fabriano or any other brand of your choice). 38 X 27 cms (15 X 11 inches)

• Brushes:

- #8 or #10 mop 

- 3/4 inch flat

- #12 round

- #8 round

- #0 liner (rigger)

• Paints:

- Cerulean Blue

- French Ultramarine

- Prussian Blue

- Sap Green

- Yellow Ochre

- Gamboge

- Burnt Sienna

- Light Red / Indian Red

• An atomiser

• Kitchen Roll


Paintings received:


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