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Workshop: Semi-abstract Impression of Boats with Jayson Yeoh

Join watercolour artist Jayson Yeoh for this semi- abstract look at painting boats. Filmed live from Malaysia on 11 May 2021.


See reference and recommended materials below:

In this fascinating workshop, Jayson will teach you how to paint in a semi abstract style. He will commence with the composition design using the simplification method and then work by using the wet on wet method, showing you how to create the layering effect through the overlapping method.

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Reference painting

Reference photo


Pre tasks

Prior to joining the workshop, students can prepare a small value/mass sketch before starting to paint. The first layer will be inspired by the photo reference above.

Then, students can draw with a 2B pencil (lightly sketch in boats) . Use the value/mass sketch for guidance. Put some fresh paint onto your palette and wet all the paper.

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• PAPER: Arches/Saunders/Bao Hong/ 300 g/m Cold Press Rough

• PAINTS: Daniel Smith extra fine watercolours - Cadmaim yellow, spring green, burnt sienna, french ocre, cobalt blue, cobalt violet, french ultramarine

• BRUSHES: Herend brushes - Mop/round (4 & 8), calligraphy brush (linear brush), flat (3cm, 4cm and 5cm) • OTHERS: 2B pencil. palette, rag, hair-dryer


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