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Workshop: Sea Pinks on the Island at St Ives, with Jane Betteridge

With your host John


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This was filmed on 24th June '20, painting 'Sea Pinks on the Island at St Ives' with Jane Betteridge. One of the first ShopKeepArty workshops - so maybe not quite as polished as usual!

A relaxing workshop that was interspersed with some confusion as it took a while to realise that Jane had supplied John with a different reference photo. Oops! :)

* Recommended materials AND shared paintings below *

(this was before we had set up our Facebook page)


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(This photo is similar to the one used by Jane)



  • ¼ sheet watercolour (11” x 15”) paper with a medium ‘not’ surface. Must be at least 140lb in weight taped to a board or 300lb which does not require stretching and taping.

  • A selection of watercolour paints - Please don’t buy any specially, I’m sure if you have a decent set of watercolours, there will be something similar to use. If you do fancy treating yourself, I’d recommend investing in a Daniel Smith’s lunar blue and a ShinHan leaf green (available from Jackson’s online).

  • I’m using:- leaf green, (ShinHan), (if not green gold will be fine). lunar blue (Daniel Smith), rose of ultramarine (Daniel Smith), turquoise (ShinHan), vandyke brown (SAA), Naples Yellow (SAA).

  • White gouache

  • Acrylic Inks in turquoise, sepia and white

  • 3 brushes (small, medium and large) and a fine rigger brush size 0 or 1

  • Palette knife for spattering

  • Bottle of Winsor & Newton’s granulation medium

  • 2 pipettes


Marina G., Italy

"I did this between one patient and the other one. At the end I realised that the lunar blue "took my hand a little" as it's so beautiful.  Thanks for this chance.  Beautiful lesson that teaches me how to interpret photographs"

Heidi M.

"This was quite a challenge. I didn’t get some of my under painting dark enough, so it was quite hard to get the thrift to show up, despite doing lots of spattering. I also couldn’t manage to get the left side of the path. But it was good to practice lots of techniques. My first time using leaf green and I really like it. Thanks very much."

Glynis F.

Anna A.

"Well, this is my effort/interpretation of your lovely painting this week, and I'm looking forward to your feedback."

Debbie R.

"I love the way Jane works, she always makes it look so easy!  I have attached my attempt at painting Sea Pinks at St Ives which I found to be rather challenging!"

Margaret C.

"I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm not messing about with the painting as I'm used to fine botanical work."

Nina F.

"I really enjoyed it and learnt some new things. Thanks to Jane for another great session."

Julie P.

"Hi had 2 ‘attempts’ with & without sky. Another enjoyable afternoon thank you"

Nicola G.

"Even though I really struggled with this one, especially the perspective ..and losing my path in the beginning lol ....i did enjoy it."

Jane G.

"Thank you John. I enjoyed all the chatter and laughter see you next week"

Cat J.

"I’d never drawn or painted before lockdown. Blimey this was a baptism of fire!! Great fun. I didn’t have all the right stuff but hey! Loads to learn. On a dark night a blind man might think this looks a bit like ........something!! Great fun. Thanks very much"

Wendy P.

Jane H.

Jill E.

Catherine B.

Pauline G.

Marion P.

Barbara B.

June C.

Jane McCormick

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My version of Sea Pinks. I enjoyed painting this and was pleased with how the rocks turned out. I also added the sky on my painting

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