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Workshop: S’no fun like Snow fun with Grahame Booth

Join artist Grahame Booth, from Northern Ireland for a 2-3hr workshop where he will walk you through painting a snow scene. Filmed live on 27th Feb 2021, live from N.Ireland.


**Scroll to bottom for attendee feedback about this webinar**


See Reference photo and recommended materials below.

In this workshop, Grahame will look more closely at the popular snow scene. It is easy to think of a snow painting as simply replacing green grass with white paper but while this may hint at snow it will never show the exciting variety that a snow scene can offer. In this workshop you will look at many different ways to make your snow scenes more believable, more attractive and more exciting.

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See Reference photo and recommended materials below:

In this longer video to the Arty Class, Grahame hunts out some great reference photos in his local neighbourhood:

Reference photo (this will also be sent to you the day before the workshop)

Example painting

Recommended materials list

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• Grahame will use 140lb Millford NOT paper along with a variety of brushes from Rosemary and Co. Any good quality watercolour paper, rough or NOT (cold pressed) can be used but make sure you have at least one or two well pointed round brushes as well as a swordliner or rigger for the smaller suggested details.

• Grahame will be using his usual palette which consists of: French ultramarine, phthalo blue GS, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, cadmium red, quinacridone magenta, burnt sienna, cadmium yellow, quinacridone gold, aureolin, naples yellow and white gouache. He will not use all of these colours in the painting. A water spray may also be used along with kitchen roll.

• Do not feel you must use the same materials. It is better that you use paint and materials you are familiar with.


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