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Workshop: Mixed medium poppy with Jane Betteridge

With your host John

Join artist and author Jane for this in-depth look at painting a pink poppy in mixed mediums of watercolour and ink. A 2-3 hour workshop, broadcast live from England on 2nd Sept 2021. Visit our video library after the event to purchase or visit Jane's shop here.


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Scroll down for reference photos and recommended materials

In this mixed media workshop, Jane will walk you through using watercolour paints and inks combined to create a powerful colourful poppy. She will explore how to make focal points interesting - in this instance, the centre seed-head.

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Painting reference

Photo ref

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• PAPER: Khadi hand made paper size 12” x 12”. Any watercolour paper will be fine as long as it has a rough textured surface and is 300lb in weight or has been stretched on a board if 140lb.

• PAINTS: ShinHan Bright Rose or similar colour such as quinacridone

magenta. Daniel Smith - Piemontite Genuine or similar such as alizarin

Crimson. Daniel Smith Rose of Ultramarine or another vibrant pink/Indantherine Blue or similar medium to dark blue/SAA Sap Green

FW Acrylic ink in Olive green/Purple Lake/White

Granulation Medium

• BRUSHES: Selection of watercolour brushes including a rigger and a hake and a large wash brush

• OTHER: Pipette/ table salt

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