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Workshop: Mixed medium poppy with Jane Betteridge

With your host John

Join artist and author Jane for this in-depth look at painting a pink poppy in mixed mediums of watercolour and ink. A 2-3 hour workshop, broadcast live from England on 2nd Sept 2021. Visit our video library after the event to purchase or visit Jane's shop here.


Scroll down for reference photos and recommended materials

In this mixed media workshop, Jane will walk you through using watercolour paints and inks combined to create a powerful colourful poppy. She will explore how to make focal points interesting - in this instance, the centre seed-head.

**Patrons get the full video for free**

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Painting reference

Photo ref

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• PAPER: Khadi hand made paper size 12” x 12”. Any watercolour paper will be fine as long as it has a rough textured surface and is 300lb in weight or has been stretched on a board if 140lb.

• PAINTS: ShinHan Bright Rose or similar colour such as quinacridone

magenta. Daniel Smith - Piemontite Genuine or similar such as alizarin

Crimson. Daniel Smith Rose of Ultramarine or another vibrant pink/Indantherine Blue or similar medium to dark blue/SAA Sap Green

FW Acrylic ink in Olive green/Purple Lake/White

Granulation Medium

• BRUSHES: Selection of watercolour brushes including a rigger and a hake and a large wash brush

• OTHER: Pipette/ table salt


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