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Workshop: Ladybugs & Daisy, with Andrew Geeson

With your host John


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Join English artist Andrew Geeson for this full length, 2-3hr workshop webinar to capture a beautiful ladybug and daisy scene. ** Details below ** Broadcast live from England on 14 March 2023.


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**Recommended materials below**


Watch Andrew’s workshop as he walks through the full process of his loose approach to watercolours from the developing of initial ideas and sketching, to the transfer of the drawing.

He chats about the concept of loose watercolours as you dive into the fun part of the painting getting the clouds and tones in position. You will also have a little side project to learn the techniques of brush work and strength and tones of your paints.

If you would love to get looser in your watercolours, be sure to join Andrew for this workshop!

Reference painting

Reference sketch

Recommended materials

PAPER: Andrew uses 140lb (300gms) cold press NOT watercolour paper

His preferred brand is Hahnemule but any mid weight mid texture paper will be fine.

He doesn't stretch or tape the paper down just laying flat on the work surface is ideal. 6inch x 6 inch (15cm x 15cm)

PAINTS: Watercolour paints - Andrew tends to use Windsor & Newton Cotmans paints ( Tubes ) Cadmium Orange / Cadmium Red / Purple / Mauve / Cerulean Blue / Lemon Yellow / Sap Green / Perylene Green / Indian Red / Indigo / Neutral Tint / Rose Opera / White

Any close substitutes for these colours are fine

BRUSHES: Large Round Brush Size 16+ / Large Dagger Brush size 14 / Small Dagger Brush size 8 / Large Rigger Brush size 6

OTHER: Pencil soft lead 4b / Large flat pallet / Kitchen Tissue / Large water container /And a smile!



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