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Workshop: Italian Coastal Town with Eugen Chisnicean

Join professional artist Eugen Chisnicean to paint a scene in Italy. Filmed live from Moldova on 7th January 2021.


After workshop, upload your art to Facebook here >

**See workshop reference pictures and recommended materials below**

Eugen will paint a beautiful scene from the Amalfi coast in Italy, revealing his compositional and technical approach. The subject includes architecture, boats, mountains and gives a wide range of interesting compositional solutions.

Along the way, Eugen will impart some of his tips and tricks, and share a lot of practical and theoretical information.

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Materials list:

- Cotton Paper, rough or cold-pressed. (I use Arches 300gm/ rough)

- Brushes: Several brushes of different sizes (I use round and flat brushes, also Chinese calligraphy brushes )

- Paints - there are no special requirements. (I use watercolour tubes in order to have always fresh pigment )

- Paper tape for attaching the paper to the board.

- Board (any support for the paper)

- Water spray

- Pencil ( use 2 or 3B)

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