Workshop: Ice and Water, with Nisha Sehjpal

With your host John

Join artist Nisha Sehjpal for this full length, 2-3hr workshop webinar to capture the grace and grandeur of ice and water with two paintings. ** Details below ** Broadcasting live from India on 23 August 2022, Tuesday at 3:30PM UK time. Make a note in your diary.


Once purchased, the relevant downloadable reference pictures and link to join the online webinar will be sent to you the day before the event.

If you are an SKA Patron (level 2 and up), you do not need to purchase the recording. It is included when you book the live event ticket.


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**See reference photo and recommended materials below**


Join Nisha as she walks you through how to paint a watercolour icy lake and a mixed media underwater shipwreck scene using an old cut up credit card and other nifty tips & techniques.

Learn how to create cracked ice effects and explore working with granulation medium to create unique and exciting background textures.

Example painting 1

Example painting 2

Materials Top-Up

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• PAPER: 12”x16” hot pressed watercolour paper.

• PAINTS: Watercolours - Horizon Blue (any turquoise), Manganese Blue hue, Ultramarine Blue, Indigo or Payne’s Blue grey, Burnt Umber, Sepia.

Acrylic Inks - FW Sepia, Indigo

Winsor & Newton Granulation medium

Schmincke Aqua Bronze rich pale gold powder

• BRUSHES: Mops, Rigger, 1” Flat , Round size 8, 10

• OTHER: Cut up old credit card (different widths), pipette, spray bottle, paper towel