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Masterclass: Dandelions & Forget-me-knots

On 14th May '20, Jane Betteridge launched our first private online workshop. Two and a half hours of in-depth painting, incorporating a multitude of tips and techniques. Although the majority of our audience was from the UK, we also had enthusiastic artists attending from the Netherlands, USA, Canada and South Africa. A truly international affair!

See videos and paintings received below.

Workshop Video (to unlock this video, purchase here)

Paintings received:

Nicola G.

Michelle M.

Marina G.

Julie P.

Julie B.

Jill E.

Jane H.

Hilary A.

Audrey S.

Pauline G.

Wendy P.

Cathy D.

Lauren B.

Val C.

June C.

Heidi M.

Margaret M.

Catherine B.

Debbie R.

Cheslyn B.

Anna A.

Helga P.

Roland E.

Lisa-Marie H.


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