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Workshop: An Urban Rainy Day using Line and Wash, with Kasia Wiercinska

With your host John


Purchase this full length, two hour art tutorial video with artist Kasia Wiercinska from Norway to paint a rainy day urban view using line and wash. ** Details below **


**See reference photo and recommended materials below**


Join Kasia where she works with two different techniques in one course - pen drawing and watercolour. You will learn sketching a composition using a pen - creating textures of buildings, trees, working with perspective, and hatching. After that, you will learn using watercolour to finish the artwork with colour - using colour temperature and tone to create a sense of depth, making reflection and creating contrast in your paintings. This technique is widely used by urban sketchers around the world. It is perfect for quick sketches on location and capturing your memories of the place on paper.

Example painting

Reference photo

Reference sketch

Materials Top-Up

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• PAPER: ¼ sheet (~28x38cm) of good quality paper (Kasia uses Arches 300gsm CP)

• PAINTS: Watercolours

Warm Yellow (Winsor Yellow, it can be Cadmium Yellow too) - Orange or Red (Vermilion Hue and Permanent Red) - Ultramarine - Cerulean Blue - Brown (Burnt Sienna and Red Brown, it can be Burnt Umber too) - Opaque Titanium White

• BRUSHES: - 1 bigger brush round or flat (size 20 or similar) - a few pointed round brushes (sizes 6-16)

• PENS:2 waterproof fineliners size 0.6 and 0.2 (Eg. Staedtler, Snowman, Artline) - optional: brush pen with waterproof ink (Marvy Technical Drawing Pen Brush)

• OTHER: - Painting tape - Painting board

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