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Sunrise over the Jetty with Paul Alcock

Join professional oil painter Paul Alcock for this fun and informative 45 minute Arty Class. Filmed live from the UK on 9th February 2021.

Watch this Arty Class:

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In this introductory oil painting session you will experience the joy of working with this ancient and forgiving medium. Paul will show you how to set out your pallet and how to keep your colours looking fresh, as well as simple mark making and how to make adjustments.

See Reference photo and recommended materials below

Recommended materials list

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• Painting support: A painting surface such as a prepared board, canvas or oil painting paper approx 10” x 12” in size plus a scrap surface such as board on which to experiment • Pallet - Preferably flat pallet. A traditional wooden pallet or a disposable pallet • Solvent – Preferably a low odour solvent or white spirit • Container for solvent/ medium (a tin or jar will be fine) • Rags or Kitchen roll – For cleaning up • Optional: An Easel, Oil painting medium – This can be a free standing or table easel • A painting medium such as Linsead oil or Liquin might be useful if you have any available • Oil colours used: Titanium white Cadmium Yellow Cadmium Yellow Light or Lemon yellow Raw Sienna Ultramarine Blue (Warm) Cerulean Blue (Cool) Alizarin Crimson (Warm) Cadmium Red (Warm) Burnt Umber • Brushes: A selection of oil painting brushes


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