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SKA Course: Simplification

Course video length: 3hrs | Type: ART PRINCIPLES | Published: Mar 2023

Take a look at any great landscape painting and you'll notice that it's been simplified. The painter has translated nature's detail and complexity into a composition that makes sense to the eye of the viewer.

It's not just landscape painters, of course. Still life, figurative or abstract painters also simplify. But because landscapes are so vast and filled with so much information - and more often than not, chaotic reality - a landscapist must look more deeply and then simplify in more radical ways.

Following on from the SKA course on tonal values, this course brings specific highlights from art classes and workshop tutorials where professional artists share their tips and techniques for simplifying their paintings and sketches.

The simplification and layout of your composition is an essential element for creating a stunning work of art. We therefore highly recommend this course.


During this art course, you will learn tips and techniques from 5 professional artists:

Grahame Booth

Grahame Booth paints only in watercolour and his success in the medium is reflected in the numerous national and international exhibition awards he has won over many years.

Howard Jones

Howard Jones is a full time teaching artist with well over 2,000 hours experience in live situation tutoring. He has painted, sketched and studied art since his childhood and would describe his style as impressionistic, with a leaning towards abstract.

Eugen Chisnicean

Eugen was born in the Republic of Moldova. At the age of 11, Eugen entered the Children’s School of Fine Arts. During that time, he successfully participated in numerous national and international art competitions.

In 2010 Eugen was invited as a guest of honour to the 4th Salon de l'Aquarelle du Haillan in France.

Vlad Yeliseyev

Vladislav has become a popular speaker and demonstrator at conventions in the United States, as well as a jury member and a judge of many national and regional watercolour and plein air competitions.

Peter Cronin

Peter turned professional in 2003 after a twenty year career in structural engineering.

The inspiration for his work varies from season to season but the weather and mood of the day are always the main aim of a painting.


Now's your chance to put your learnings to the test and paint along with the professionals. The following art classes compliment the skills and techniques covered throughout the course.



Grahame Booth - Watch 1hr art class >

and learn to simplify this:

Peter Cronin - Watch 1hr art class >

and learn to simplify this:



and simplify/paint this:

and simplify/paint this:

and simplify, sketch and paint this:

Vlad Yeliseyev - Watch 3hr art workshop >

and simplify/sketch these:



" Truly a great course on simplification from these great artists. Gives a clear picture on how to simplify a complex busy scene by focusing on the main shapes and eliminating details to strengthen the composition. Clear explanations on perspective and focal points. This lesson to simplify takes away the fear to attempt complex subjects. Extremely useful course. Definitely a 5/5."


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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

A really wonderful course on simplification . Makes it all seem so simple!!! Great explanations on how not to over complicate paintings and how perspective works and focal points. I’ve learnt so much definitely 5/5

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