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'Towards evening' paint-along special at Patchings, with Jeremy Ford

With your host John

Join artist Jeremy Ford for an SKA first: We will be hosting Jeremy live from his home studio, along with members of the Patchings art school, live from Patchings.

During this 1.5hr paint-along art class, you will hear questions from the audience as well as see paintings from the Patchings students themselves. We're combining a real-world art clubs with the benefits of online viewing! * Further details below * Broadcast live from Patchings, England on 29 September 2022.


**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**


In this paint-along tutorial, we will be using Gouache.

There is no drawing required in advance. Maybe print the image below to use as reference on the day. Don't be over-influenced by the colour of the image particularly if it looks vivid when printed. My original painting looks more subtle than in the photograph so people can adapt their painting colours accordingly.

The size of the original painting is approximately 8.5 inches by 6.75 inches (roughly 1/8 imperial) and I will be working to approximately that size. I suggest people work to a similar size for best results, but it's entirely up to them.

Useful links:

  • After the live event, you can download the reference images and watch the complete, ad-free recording as an SKA Patron (level 3 and up) via our Video Library.

Reference painting

Materials Top-Up

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A palette with several mixing wells. Gouache Paints: Any blue. Any bright yellow. Any red. Burnt sienna and/or any black. Any white. N.B. This could be painted with watercolours and white gouache, but for best results gouache is advisable due to it's high opacity. If people want to use any other colours that’s fine. An assortment of watercolour brushes from size 10 (or similar) 8 (or 7) 6 (or 5 or 4) and a small brush with a really good point, like a 3 or 2 or 1, or 0. A large brush to wet the paper. 2 water pots, Kitchen roll, Spare bit of watercolour paper to test the colour mixes, hair-dryer.

Watercolour Paper. I will be using NOT surface or HOT PRESSED 140lb (300gsm) or heavier which will be fine if taped all round onto a board with masking tape. If working in a watercolour sketchbook, tape the corners down.

For best results I recommend any of the following watercolour papers: Arches, Saunders Waterford, Bockingford, Clairefontaine, Winsor & Newton, Langton. There may be others which are perfectly acceptable as long as they are familiar with them and know they work well.

Some cheaper papers sold as “watercolour paper” can be of poor quality and and it may be difficult to achieve good results with those. If in doubt, ask me in advance of preparation.

Not, Rough, or Hot Pressed watercolour paper are fine. If they decide to work bigger than my image size, it may take longer to complete the painting than we will have time for.


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