'Keep it simple and Strong' with Keiko Tanabe

Updated: Jan 2

On 22nd Sept '20, we were joined by professional artist Keiko Tanabe live from her studio in California, USA.

Keiko will use one of her travel photos as a reference (see below), to share some key points & useful tips to quickly capture the light and atmosphere using watercolour. Many watercolour techniques (wet-in-wet, wet-in-dry, dry-in-wet, dry-in-dry, etc.) will be demonstrated. It will be a nice prelude to the subsequent workshop webinar as you will be introduced to a creative process that allows you to make an impressionistic painting.

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Watch the Arty Class:


See Reference picture and recommended materials below

Recommended Materials:

(This is just a guide)

• Paper (Arches, rough, 12" x 16")

• Watercolour paints (lemon yellow, raw sienna, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, cadmium red, cobalt blue, phthalo blue, sepia, turquiose, viridian)

• Brushes (one for a wash such as Escoda Versatil #16, one for details such as Escoda Perla #12, a liner or rigger)

• Small Oriental calligraphy brush

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