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Introduction to watercolour figures with Renato Palmuti

Join watercolour artist Renato for this 45 minute Arty Class webinar. Filmed live from Brazil on 10 August, 2021.


**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**

In this prelude to his full, 2-3 hour workshop webinar, Renato will highlight the important points about structure and composition of a figure whilst making a fast sketch in watercolour and teaching you about layers and colour strategy.

Reference photo by Marcus Ranum

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• PAPER: Watercolour paper cotton 300gr. (A4 format)

• PAINTS: A kit of watercolour paints, Raw Sienna, English Red, Violet, Cerulean Blue, Paine’s Gray, Alizarin Crimson • BRUSHES: Watercolour brushes ( a mop brush, a synthetic flat and a small synthetic round)

• OTHER: Tape, graphite pencil 4B ( I also use a pastel pencil sanguine for drawing bur it’s not indispensable ), soft eraser, sponge or tissues to balance the amount of water in the brush and, of course…water! A hard board for fixing the paper if it is not a block.


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