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A Mountain Farm using Watercolour Pencils

On Tuesday 30th June at 2pm (UK time), leading artist Tim Fisher took us through the painting of a mountain farm using watercolour pencils. If you want to relive the live Arty Class, see video and materials list below.

See materials list below...

• Draw the mountain farm outline (download here) in the position shown on your paper (download positioning template here)

• Watercolour pencils. Tim is using Cretacolour aquamonolith woodless watercolour sticks, but you can use Derwent aquatone woodless watercolour sticks; Pencils with water soluble core; Derwent watercolour pencils


251 17 Madder carmine (dull red similar to alizarin crimson)

252 09 English red (reddy brown similar to burnt sienna)

252 03 ochre dark (dull yellow similar to yellow ochre)

251 08 chromium yellow (bright yellow similar to cadmium yellow)

251 55 ultramarine ( a purplish blue normally known as french ultramarine blue)

251 62 indigo ( a blue grey similar to Paynes grey)

* exact colours aren’t critical. If you already have watercolour pencils then an approximate match to the colour swatch will suffice.

• Round size 12 synthetic (nylon) paintbrush that comes to a good point (Tim will be using W&N Cotman brushes)

• Round size 8 synthetic brush

• Round size 4 synthetic brush for applying masking fluid (it helps to rub a little hand soap into the bristles before using to protect the brush)

• Masking fluid (warning, if the masking fluid is old there is a risk it will stick to the watercolour paper, please test on a scrap piece before the workshop)

• White acrylic ink or equivalent such as gouache

• 300gsm Ideally NOT watercolour paper 8” x 10” unstretched plus an extra scrap piece for scribbling on. NOT watercolour paper has a slightly textured surface, somewhere in between rough and hot-pressed paper.

• A sharp craft knife or scalpel

• Sharp 3B pencil

• Eraser

See paintings received here:


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