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Colour mixing and Pointillism with Helga Picknell

On Thu 16th July, professional artist and art school owner Helga Picknell helped us to understand colour mixing and pointillism. Helga explains the basics of colour mixing by demonstrating how to create a colour wheel and we also have a go at pointillism, using the knowledge of mixing colours.

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Print outs that might be useful:

Materials Required:

  • Primary Yellow  (It doesn’t matter what type of paint)

  • Primary Red (magenta)

  • Primary blue (cyan)

  • Brushes

  • If you haven’t got the primary colours please don’t buy them but use two of each: yellows (for example, lemon yellow & cadmium yellow), two reds (for example, cadmium red and crimson red) and two blues (for example ultramarine blue and cerulean blue or another sky blue)

  • Another, small sheet of paper (not larger than a A5) with an outline in pencil of an apple and an orange (please see outlines above you could use)

  • Mixing pallet

  • 2 jars with water / kitchen roll

  • Watercolour sheet (A4) with a circle and a triangle inside

  • For those joining in with the pointillism only and just watching the colour wheel, you can do this with felt tip pens or use any type of paint. 

  • Some people will find working with paint and cotton buds useful.


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