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Expressive Portraits in Ink & Tea with Carne Griffiths

Join professional artist Carne Griffiths for this interesting and informative 45min Arty Class. Filmed live on 5th Jan '21.

Carne will create a small section of a full portrait as a pencil drawing, adding tonal layers with tea and then adding some simple embellishments using fountain pens and calligraphy ink.

Watch this Arty Class:

See Reference photos and recommended materials below:


Materials required:

• You will need non permanent calligraphy inks, such as pelican or waterman or herbin - choose a vibrant turquoise and a sepia brown at the minimum.

• A piece of heavyweight watercolour paper - ideally full imperial (approx 50 x 70cm) and stretched if you can!

• A variety of teas either loose leaf or plain old tea bags, a selection of graphite pencils from 2b to 6b and an eraser.


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