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Exploring Pastel with Watercolour with Iris Babao-Uy

Join artist Iris Babao-Uy for this 1 hour Patron Special webinar, demonstrating how you can work with both watercolours and soft pastels. Broadcast live from the Philippines on 22 July, 2021.


**See Reference and recommended materials below**

In this mixed medium prelude to her full, 2-3 hour workshop webinar, Iris will teach you how to prep surfaces for watercolour and soft pastel paintings and will do a demo on a watercolour/soft pastel floral.

Example painting:

Ref photo

Ref sketch

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• PAPER: 14 x 20 watercolour sheet cold pressPastel ground (optional) • PAINTS: Soft pastels (medium hard, soft and extra soft pastels. Examples are rembrandt, unison, and sennelier) - A selection of the following in light, medium and dark shades: Cerulean Blue/Yellow Ochre/Permanent Green/Sap Green/Cobal Teal Blue/Cadmium/Yellow/Burnt Sienna/Raw Umber/Violet/Paynes Gray/Neutral Tint

Watercolour paints - Cerulean Blue/Yellow Ochre/Permanent Green Light/Viridian Green/Sap Green/Cobal Teal Blue/Hansa Yellow/Cadmium Yellow/Alizarin Crimson/Burnt Sienna/Raw Umber/Paynes Gray/Neutral Tint

• BRUSHES: Selection of watercolour brushes flats and rounds • OTHER: Water bottle mister, bucket for water, tissue, pastel pencil or pencil for sketching, kneadable eraser, heat gun or hair dryer


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