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Mr.Crab in Watercolour with Jane Betteridge.

On 26th May, as part of our weekly Arty Class series, Jane Betteridge took us through the painting of Mr.Crab. A really fun 40 minutes in which we felt transported to the seaside.

Watch the webinar again and use this crab template or take a look below at the paintings we've received.

Jane's crab (the inspiration)

Materials required:

• Outline sketch of a crab - see link above

• Watercolour paper roughly 12” x 8”

• Only 3 colours: A mid blue, a reddish brown and an orange watercolour paint (Jane's colours are:- french ultramarine blue, burnt sienna and brilliant orange)

• 2 brushes, (medium and a small)

• Salt

Art submissions from the webinar attendees:

Philippa Day

Julie Barnett

Linda Young

Brenda Whiting

Jean Eustace

Tricia Wilkes

Donna Giannattasio

Margaret Hall

Julie Pearce

Nadège Martin

Claire Godrich Prt1

Claire Godrich Prt 2

Nicola Garrett

Rookley Dring (age 4)

Rookley Dring close up

Carrie Dring

Helen Cooke

Jacques van Delft

Michelle Mould

Michele Tamkin

Marina Gambarelli

Irvine Parrott

Cathy Denham

Christine Birch

Andrea Shires

Jill Exell

Betty Gamble

Suzanne Wilson

Toni Peers

Mimi aged 10

Harriet aged 12. According to her mum, Harriet’s went a bit wrong so she focused on the character of Mr Crab, who is a performer so needed a top hat and, as you see, an admiring audience!

Cecilia Payne

Margaret Whiteoak

Sacha Tewes (age 11)

Carol Hammond

Susan Rustage

Rishi Kondepudi age12

Margaret Clark 1

Margaret Clark 2

Yvonne Geelen

Marianna Sarkar

Hayley Sarkar age 8

Xanthe Sarkar age 6

Gerry Blofeld

Carol McDonald


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Suzanne Wilson
Suzanne Wilson
May 27, 2020

Thanks Jane this is the one I did


Jacques van Delft
Jacques van Delft
May 27, 2020

Jacques van Delft


Helen Cook
Helen Cook
May 27, 2020


Thank you for a fun and informative session today Jane. Loved it!!

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