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Daily Inspired Figures with André Kano

Join professional artist and illustrator, Andre Kano for this 45 minute Arty Class webinar. Filmed live from Portugal on 16 November 2021.


**See Reference photo and recommended materials below**

In this prelude to his full, 2-3 hour workshop webinar, André will show you how to make interesting works inspired by people from our everyday life. He will use a reduced colour palette for a perfect combination of light and shadow and at the same time explore the facial/body expression of each figure.

Ref painting

Materials Top-Up

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Recommended materials

• PAPER: Arches 300g (140 lb) 21x31cm Cold Press 100% cotton * Or Winsor & Newton 300g Cold Press 100% cotton. Or Fabriano 300g Cold Press 100% cotton

• PAINTS: COBALT BLUE (W&N) */ Transparent Orange (W&N) */ Burnt sienna (W&N) */ Opera rose (W&N) */ Royal blue (Sennelier)/ Red Sennelier (Sennelier) */ Cadmium Red

• BRUSHES: Da Vinci petit gris series 418 Nº3/ Raphael series 8403 Nº6 */ Unbranded Chinese • OTHER: Spray bottle/ Water container/ Sponge/ Paper towel



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