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Art Opportunities with Grahame Booth (Part II)

Exclusively for Patrons (the link to join will be sent automatically, the day before the event)

Join John and professional artist Grahame Booth, live from Northern Ireland, as we expand upon discussions from our Part I show.

Watch Part I on our video library (Patrons only access). We discuss how Grahame currently earns money to support his profession - as well as how our team & platform can help enhance his brand and grow his revenue opportunities. Find out more info about Part I here >

These shows are designed for anyone that has considered selling their art, whether to family and friends or to the wider public. You'll gain an insight into marketing dos and don'ts, how to price your art, and other ideas for helping you to establish a 'brand' for your art. Perfect for beginners through to seasoned professionals.

Throughout 2022 we are increasing the number of Patron exclusive events and perks. If you are still yet to take the plunge and become a Patron, it starts from only £5 ($6) per month and you can cancel at any time.

You can find out more about joining our Patron community here >


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