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All about Brushes

Exclusively for Patrons

Your choice of brush can make the difference between a nice painting and a great painting.

Join John as he runs through feedback gained from many of our professional artists. Watch our Brushes Patron Special (Broadcast on 5 Feb 2022) >

By understanding what materials pro-artists use, we hope to help you make the right purchasing decisions in the future and save you money on your art materials!

To see our full feedback report, visit our exclusive patron report here >

This information will be updated as we host more professional artists and gain more insights. We also intend to add other reports on paper, paints and palettes, over the coming months.


From 2022 we are increasing the number of Patron exclusive events and perks. If you are still yet to take the plunge and become a Patron, it starts from just £5 ($6) per month and you can cancel at any time.


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