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Abstract Rooftops with Helga Picknell

Turn a simple pencil outline of rooftops into an amazing abstract piece of art. Helga made it seem easy. Let's see how our online audience did - see submissions below!

Watch the Arty Class video:

Artwork received from the viewers:

Gill Wilson

Carol Hammond

Deborah Tayler

Michelle Mould

Julie Barnett

Janet Atherton

Irene Hirons

S Rees (first abstract ever)

Maureen Holmes

Sophia Gladcow (7yrs)

Helen Cook

Gerry Blofeld

Julie Robertson

Linda Young

Cheslyn Baker

Cathy Denham

Irvine Parrott

Janet Atherton

"I loved the class so much I had another go in acrylics'

Jean Eustace

Stephanie Donaldson

By Eve Della Maestra Aged: 10

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Helen Cook
Helen Cook
Apr 29, 2020

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