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2-2-1 July Workshop Special: VOTE NOW

Two artists. Two mediums. One reference - YOU decide!

On Tuesday 26th July at 3:30PM we will be hosting watercolour supremo Alex Tolstoy (live from Virginia) and acrylic legend Derric van Rensburg (live from South Africa) for a 2-2-1 workshop special. See artist bios below.

Watch the artists and interact live as they paint the reference photo with their own unique styles. You can choose to paint along in either watercolour or acrylic as they will both be explaining their own techniques in their preferred medium.

The date is set. The artists are booked. The mediums are sorted. All we need now is to agree the reference photo. This is where YOU come in!...

We need to choose one of 3 photos to use as the reference for this workshop. Either Sydney, Koi or Montmartre. The winning reference will be painted by Alex using watercolour and Derric using acrylic.

Voting will end on 1st July. Please vote now.





Alex Tolstoy is a watercolour artist from Virginia who went astray. Her paintings usually have a germ of reality but then deteriorate into something blurry and abstract where the viewer supplies most of a missing picture. Animals pop in and out of a mist of lost edges, buildings simplify into lines. Perhaps Dr. Tolstoy's previous life as a mathematician was an omen of things to come, she just cannot stay within the lines now! Alex has won awards, had articles published about her work, given demonstrations, and has been in over 160 exhibitions with over a dozen solo or semi-solo shows since 2013. She is a member of numerous societies, both local and national, and her work is in private and corporate collections (such as the Ritz-Carlton) and is distributed throughout the US, Great Britain, Canada, Japan and the US embassy in Barbados.


Derric van Rensburg is an internationally renowned South African Impressionist Artist. He is well-known for his abstract wildlife’s and colourful landscapes of the Overberg, Hex River Valley and Cape Vineyards. After starting his career in watercolour, he transitioned to acrylic medium in 1989. Since his first exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa in 1978, which sold out within days, Derric has exhibited in Portugal, England, Italy, Australia, Germany, and the US.


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